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Alive Integrative Medicine is a collective space where reliable healthcare practitioners support patients using thoughtful, evidence-based integrative medicine for a healing journey as unique as the individual.


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15% Off Massage & Nutrition Services

*Must be paid at time of service, cannot bill insurance.

Nutrition Packages
2 month Tune-Up:
2 visits - 1 hour initial, 30 minute f/u - 4 week, meal planning 8 weeks 

4 month Recharge:
For people looking for more in-depth advice and support to address concerns including weight loss, gastrointestinal (IBS, IBD, SIBO), high cholesterol, diabetes, nutrient deficiencies
1 hour initial, 1 60 minute f/u, Two 30 minute follow-up 
$450 ($150/month) Includes 4 months of meal plans

Massage 15% Off 
60 minute $85 (usually $100)

Meal Planning
includes 15 minute evaluation
1 week - $75
4 week - $190

1 week $35
2 week $55

Self CareSummer Specials

Self Care
Summer Specials

Our Services

Naturopathic Primary Care

Individualized primary care for all ages. We provide wellness exams, acute care and management of chronic conditions using integrative treatments with an emphasis on education and prevention. 

Women's Health

We offer annual exams as well as address women's health concerns including menopause, irregular cycles, PMS, fatigue, fertility and more. 

Heart & Lung Health

Diagnostic testing and management of common conditions including high blood pressure and cholesterol, CHF, abnormal rhythms, asthma and COPD.

Digestion Health

If you struggle with constipation, bloating, heartburn or have been diagnosed with IBS, SIBO or colitis we work with you to restore digestive function using diet, functional testing and supportive therapies.

Functional Testing

We offer specialized lab testing to investigate the underlying cause of your concerns. Tests can evaluate hormones, neurotransmitters, genetics, digestive function, micronutrients and more.​​


Five Element Acupuncture affects the whole person’s body, mind and emotions. Treatment is directed towards relieving the root cause of the person's problems.

Massage Therapy

Whether you’re wanting to recover and rehabilitate, or simply relax and recharge, massages are a powerful stand-alone or adjunctive therapy on your journey towards health.​

Cascade Dermatology & Aesthetics

​We are a skin-health clinic dedicated to promoting beautiful skin inside and out. Our team of experts are here to support you with professional products and services.


-Rebekah Brooks

I have finally found my medical home where I get the care and attention that patients deserve. Dr. Brooke Bodeen is wonderful. She takes time to listen, educate and explore holistic health with her patient's. I couldn't recommend her more. After years of invalidating healthcare experiences, I feel seen and heard with Dr. Bodeen.

-Laura Tryon

I always feel welcome and I feel like my health is a partnership. Dr Mele and her assistants spend the time needed to understand what’s going on in your body.
They ask questions to draw out other concerns or conditions in your body you many not even have thought to mention. It is VERY helpful.

-Ash Canty

Alive Integrative Medicine has truly changed and healed my medical trauma I had experienced as a person of color. I was on death's door when I came here with several illnesses. Dr. Binghams compassion, intellect, skillfulness, human centered understanding, deep listening and weaving in holistic alternatives was a huge part of me getting better and feeling deeply cared for in in fully integrative way. I will never go anywhere else. The staff also is incredible and so very kind! They have advocated for me so many times and it means so very much. I can't recommend this place enough. Thank you everyone for all that you do, it truly has changed my life and im sure so many others.

-Fran Gillooly

It’s been several months now and the compassionate of this team is very real. I had felt dismissed and discouraged since relocating, that was before finding Alive Integrative Medicine. I feel like an individual with a personalized care plan that changes with my needs. The thoughtfulness that goes into my issues and treatment makes me feel safe and hopeful. Not judged or dismissed. From the front desk to the provider team, the whole experience was healing. With the consideration and personalized care I have received I feel hopeful for the betterment of my WHOLE health and well-being. I will recommend Alive Integrative to anyone in search of good health and healing. Thank you!

-Andrea van Duren

Alive Integrative Medicine is a wonderful medical practice/health center. The people at the front desk are really kind, and make you feel truly cared for. I left my first appointment with Dr. Brielle Mele feeling so hopeful and so understood. I have waited many years for a medical professional like this to come along— someone who is committed to getting to the root of my health issues as much as I am, bringing intellectual rigor, curiosity and a truly dynamic and holistic approach to understanding the body. Unfortunately these qualities are still quite rare within mainstream western medicine, and it is so refreshing and relieving to find someone who is thinking critically and really putting different pieces of the puzzle together in order to achieve a more healthy and balanced state in the body. Thank you for all you do!

-Jasmine Jeannette

I've only been to one appointment so far but it was already the most productive doctor's visit I have ever been to. I saw Dr. Kendall Smith and can honestly say I really felt heard and understood. She was very attentive, informative, and truly made me feel included in my health journey. I also left my appointment with helpful information that day, and no confusion regarding next steps. I am genuinely excited to keep coming here!

-Dennis Young

The care at Alive Integrative Medicine is awesome. It starts with a pleasant and friendly greeting from the office staff. The staff are knowledgeable and experienced. My primary care physician, Dr. Bingham, is thorough and listens to my concerns and we work together to get me the bet care possible. My acupuncturist, Dusty Bodeen, is so awesome and caring. He takes the time to listen to me and to explain what each point of the acupuncture is designed to do to improve my overall health. I am so happy and grateful for his care. I highly recommend Alive Integrative for a person's health care.

-Jenny Gruzensky

I’m so thankful to be a patient here. Dr. Mele addressed every concern I had was addressed and explained and I was also given something that could be done for everything. I left my appointment feeling like I could trust my Doctor and empowered to make really positive changes for my health.

-Tannah Lawn

The provider I see here is Dusty Bodeen: I give him my absolute highest recommendation. He is a beautiful soul and a true healer who will go the extra mile to care for you with the utmost respect & understanding. After every appointment, I leave the office feeling relaxed, enlightened & full of hope. Thank you Dusty, and Alive Integrative Medicine for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful practice!

-Ami Kapadia

I have been seeing Dr. Bodeen for over 5 years. She has been incredibly helpful in partnering with me to work towards my health goals. She has the unique ability to meet you where you are while addressing complex health issues, and offering insightful suggestions without ever being judgemental. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I continue to see her for my care even though I'm now a few hours away.

From the Blog

What is Integrative Care?

"Integrative Healthcare is an approach to care that seeks to integrate the best of Western scientific medicine with a broader understanding of the nature of illness, healing, and wellness. Easily incorporated by all medical specialties and professional disciplines, and by all health care systems, its use not only improves care for patients, it also enhances the cost-effectiveness of health care delivery for providers and payors.